Englisches Theater "Spooked"

17. Oktober 2019


On 17th October the English theatre performance "SPOOKED" took place in our school for the second, third, and fourth classes. The story was about the English Lord Canterville who had to sell his old house to an American family whose name was Otis.

Lord Canterville, the owner of the house, thought that Mrs Otis would live in the house, but she wanted to demolish it. Lord Canterville said that there was a curse on the old house. Sir Simon de Canterville was the ghost of Canterville Hall. He had murdered his wife because of jealousy. Washington and Virginia, Mrs Otis' children, tried to help Sir Simon not to be forced to live in this house any longer. In order to free Sir Simon, they had to solve the Canterville riddle. They were successful and so Sir Simon could leave the house. At the end, the American family sold the house back to Lord Canterville and moved back to Los Angeles. We liked the performance "SPOOKED" very much because it was really interesting and great fun. (written by Anja and Bernice, 4b Klasse)

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