Englisch Theaterworkshop der 4b Klasse

14. November 2019


We, the 4b were one of the lucky 50 Austrian schools, that have won a workshop organized by „Vienna's English Theatre". The play was called „Uncle Bill's Will" and was a pirate story. 

So we could meet the actor David Taylor, a very nice and friendly Englishman. He was in a very good mood and sometimes he even said a few words in German, which was funny. We had to wear old clothes and pirates stuff. We painted our faces black and Maxi looked like a real captain. Futhermore we learned to play the roles with passion and really tried hard to slip into the different characters. There were pirates, island inhabitants, two teenagers and a customs officer. Everybody of our class got a role and gave his/ her best. David filmed all scenes and we are going to get a DVD about this special day. We are really looking forward to watching it together in class. That will be great fun, I am absolutely sure. (Mostögl Janine, 4b)